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Stay With Free is exactly what it says, a place where people are encouraged to stay as free members in the different business opportunities and advertising programs I endorse. Welcome to the site! :)

My name is Ulf Astrom and I'm the founder of this project which came to life after lots of trials, errors, scams and disappointments online, as well as many people who have expressed their wishes for someone who could set up a system and a teamwork in this regard. Here I like to give you a short introduction to why I've started this.

First a little about myself though...

I'm born and raised in Sweden and have worked as a freelance musician for the most of my life. However, over the last few years I've decreased my music and turned it into a nice hobby instead of being "on the road" almost all of the time. I love music and it's still a great passion of mine.

Nowadays I live and work in a small Northern European country called Estonia and have a daily job which I'm not deeply in love with, but it's ok and things could have been much worse. They can surely be better though, and that keeps me searching for good stuff online. Here comes the reason why I started the "Stay With Free" project.

For many years I've been trying my way online in the search to build a business that could make me a decent living. Some success yes, but mostly loss and broken promises by scammers and non-trustworthy people out there. You know, it's really easy to hide behind a computer or some online account or domain and start to build up something that people are being fooled to believe is a legitimate online business.

Of course good business programs exist and some of them have been around for a long time and have real tangible products and/or services to provide. However, they are without fail a hard sell to other people who in turn will have to sign up, pay some upfront fee or set up some kind of subscription. This is definitely a huge turn-off for almost everyone who's looking into finding a way to make money online.

The same story always repeats itself... A new shiny program (with lots of promises) comes along and the big marketers with huge contact lists start to promote the program in particular. Many people join of course with a renewed belief that this will be the "Golden Egg". Sadly, after a few months the program has lost its glory and people are fighting hard to find new referrals and members who're willing to believe in the business.

Believe me, I've tried the above so many times and the result is always the same. Best case scenario is that you get a few referrals and make a few dollars and maybe you break even so you can run the business without expense. However, your referrals most certainly drop out after a couple of months, leading you to have an expense for running your business, thus losing money.

I say, why don't we approach this from a different angle...?

How can we make sure that people make money from Day 1 and that they do it every single day (even if we start out with very small amounts), and how can we make sure that we all help building each other's business in a fair and ethical way, and finally... how can we do this without anyone ever having to pay anything out of pocket?

Stay With Free is the answer to this equation.

  • Joining FREE programs online and you will start earning money from the next minute, some of them even without any (or with very little) effort.
  • Working and promoting a dedicated TEAM link where we help each other with the promotions, and the ones in our team who promote the most will gain more exposure.
  • Simply stay with the FREE programs and avoid upgrades unless you really want to purchase it.
The above are the answers to the questions, and if you feel that this is something for you, start with subscribing to this blog so you receive our updates straight to your mailbox.